Building inclusive communities

WSU CUWiP | 19 Jan 2020

Dr. Sarah Kaiser
Pensar Development

Challenge #2:
overcoming distance:

QKD receiver satellite


  • What is a community?
  • What are some examples of communities you are a part of?
  • Who's role is it to create inclusive community: institutions, individuals, or something in between?

More Questions!

  • Give some example of how exclusion from community might look different for different groups?
  • What have been challenges you have seen or faced in making the communities around you inclusive?
  • What are some examples of bad practices that communities do to exclude different groups?

Moar Questions!

  • What's something you have learned from the conference so far that you can leverage to make the communities you are in more inclusive?
  • How are the challenges different between starting new communities and trying to improve existing ones?
  • Why is community important?