Dr. Sarah Kaiser

Sarah has spent much of her career developing technology in the lab, from virtual reality hardware to satellites. She got her PhD in Physics by starting plasma fires with lasers to hack quantum crypto devices and trying to send and detect single photons in space (read her thesis).

Sarah in a dark lab with optical fibers glowing red and green wrapped around her

Communicating what is so exciting about technology is her passion, and she loves building new tools, communities, and educational content to help do so. She has written a variety of books like the ABCs of Engineering and Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q# to help people of all ages learn cutting edge technology. Live streaming quantum software development on Twitch has been another great way Sarah can connect with folks to make quantum tech more accessible.

template repo for new q# libraries by yours truly

Currently, Sarah works at the Unitary Fund where she gets to flex her software development muscles and help grow the open source quantum software community and ecosystem.

template repo for new q# libraries by yours truly

Sarah is also a vocal activist for diversity in STEM fields and often gives presentations on her experiences and perspective as bisexual woman in quantum technology. She also talks a lot about this on Twitter, and will someday get around to writing some blog posts detailing her personal experiences in the field.

Sarah on stage ate Microsoft BUILD 2019

When not at her (split ergo) keyboard she loves kayaking in the Seattle area, laser cutting everything, and playing with her dog Chewie.

Sarah's  German Shepard named Chewie curled up on the couch with a quantum textbook