Hi, I'm Sarah! 👋

scientist, maker, community builder

I am an experimental physicist turned software developer with over 15 years experience in developing and managing cutting-edge tech projects. While not from Seattle originally, I have found my home here and enjoy writing books about cool technologies (on a split ergo), cutting things with lasers, and playing with my pup Chewie.

Sarah's  German Shepard named Chewie curled up on the couch with a quantum textbook Sarah's currently published books

👩‍💻 Experience

I got my PhD in Physics (Quantum Computing) by starting plasma fires with lasers to hack quantum crypto devices and trying to send and detect single photons in space (read her thesis). As a developer, Python is my go-to language for most things, but I also dabble in Rust and program quantum computers in Q#. In 2021 I was awarded a Python Software Foundation Fellowship, and I'm currently working at Microsoft as a developer advocate for the Python OSS community.

Sarah in a dark lab with optical fibers glowing red and green wrapped around her

Cool stuff I have worked on:
🚀 Low noise optical systems on satellites
👓 Virtual reality hardware
💎 Nanodiamonds for quantum sensing at cryogenic temperatures (automated with Python and Jupyter Notebooks 💖)
💻 Software tools and languages for quantum computers

See LinkedIn for more info.

💞 Passions

I am a vocal activist for diversity and inclusion in STEM fields and often give presentations on my experiences and perspective as bisexual woman in tech. Live streaming quantum software development on Twitch has been another great way I connect with folks to make quantum tech more accessible.

Sarah on stage ate Microsoft BUILD 2019 Sarah hosting a quantum software talk on Twitch

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