11ty and away!

by Sarah Kaiser

Finally, I have been messing around with other static site generators for a refresh of my website and finally settled on 11ty and starting from this great fernfolio template.
I have used 11ty now to build a few static sites, and am really appreciating how much work web dev can be to get things juuuuust right :)
While this isn't exactly 100% my vision yet, I have a few key tasks that I am sure I will work on between projects:

  • Make it easy to add/embed reveal.js and Jupyter Notebooks in pages
  • Figure out how to run pyscript on pages
  • Make better automated captures of my social media posts + GitHub stats
  • Add a page for Chewie pics 🐕🥰

Anyway I'll probably be tracking this on the issues for the repo for this site, so if you think of other ideas for stuff to try let me know by filing an issue!