Finding the Right Comms for Your Community

Exploring How Tech Platforms Influence Culture Panel

| Open Source Summit North America 2023
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Have you ever had a question about a OSS project, but felt like it didn't really merit opening an issue? Wanted to see if others would be interested in trying to reproduce a bug, but didn't want to ... well bug anyone? Informal communication platforms like async chat or ad-hoc video calls can be extremely helpful to projects of all shapes and sizes. With the right tools and moderation, these spaces can become a wonderful place to have technical discussions as well as foster community culture. This panel discussion will focus on questions community managers may consider when selecting and implementing communication platforms. Panelists are community managers that each found a different solution that worked for their community. Panelists have direct experience running community platforms like Slack, Discord, Matrix, Zulip, etc. Audience members will gain a better understanding of what can be involved in establishing, building, and maintaining successful online communication platforms for their communities. Bring your questions.